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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daily Observations - Banks Want Your Deposits

Is there any one way to guarantee that your loan is going to be funded, well maybe not guranteed but increase the odds significantly for loan approval?

The answer is yes, increase your banking relationship with the lender you are talking to. Today more than ever banks want increased deposits. More and more banks are increasing their deposit base so that they have greater capitalization. If a bank is not properly capitalized they can be shut down by the Regulators. So to avoid any capitalization issues the lenders as well as the bankers are all looking for increased deposit base.

What better way to get deposits than to entice large depositors with the lure of loan approvals. Lenders that are getting these additional deposits are feeling more comfortable lending money to their clients. With most lenders new banking relationships are not being afforded this additional enticement, it is only being offered to existing deposit relationships that bring in additional capital to their accounts. However, the smaller local banks may be offerring this incentive.

Our Knowledgebase has other factors that lenders look at to determine if they will approve your loan.

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