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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daily Observations - 100 Posts this Evening

Thank you for allowing me to reach this first milestone. 100 Posts on the blog that started with two readers and we are well over that. We usually have between 10 - 20 absolute new visitors every day, thank y0u for getting the word out.

For our 100th post I wanted to share with you our vision for the future. Within the next ninety days we will be launching the sale of our first book GET Your Loan Closed! with over 100 pages full of solid information that the average loan broker, client is most likely not aware of. The information has been gathered by interviewing bankers, and Business Development Officers over the last year as well as through our personal experience that we have gained over the last couple of years.

Secondly, as a gift to all of our loyal readers we are making available the Ten Secrets Lenders Do Not Want You to Know. Each one of these secrets corresponds with a chapter in the above mentioned book. If you provide us your complete contact information we will be delighted to send you the ten white reports over the next thirty days. I expect to have all the links and everything for production done within the next thirty days, to be able to deliver the white reports by October 1, providing our software provider comes through with the program I ordered.

Thirdly, We will be selling the Nationwide Commercial Loan Home Study Course which will offer you a chapter every two weeks on a specific segment of commercial finance. For example one chapter will deal exclusively with self storage loans, including corresponding questions and answers as well as financing examples for you to work through.

Lastly we offer each morning from 9:00 to 9:15 PST an "Energy Boost" Teleconference to get your day started right. If you want to join us for the free Energy boost please e-mail me at harlan@loanforbiz.com and I will be most delighted to give you all the log in information.

As I hope you can tell we are growing and will be offering even more benefits to you our loyal reader of this commercial loan broker blog. Please continue to tell your friends and co-workers about our blog.

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