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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daily Observation Day 6-9

I have to apologize for missing days 6 through 9, but I was forced to stop writing for some minor health issues that undertook me. Well I'm back at my PC again, and I missed not continuing this great debate that our economy is at the forefront.

I'm sure everyone now knows that the stock market has been all over the place up in anticipation of the Senate vote with all of their "pork"; down because the House has not come to a resolution yet. Even today as I am writing tonight the market dropped almost 350 points. Every night I have quoted CNN but tonight I am not going to go there.

We need to get to the core of the problem to be able to free up our credit. The question is will the Bail Out free up credit? The answer is yes but it will not be immediate. Tonight I want to expose what I believe is going on, the House is afraid to vote the way they want to because so many of the Congress officials are up for re-election. We need to take politics off the table so we can have much better financial management of all our assets.

This in essence is the point that no one seems to be recognizing. We are all talking about buying the assets of troubled financial institutions. But what we are forgetting is that the lenders that you and I need to be more free with credit are not being effected by the Bail Out.

The question has to be How does the lenders become comfortable to be able to relax their stringent criteria for lending? The lenders that we are talking to everyday have told me that number one even with the approved Bail Out they are not going to relax their policies, and on the other hand they have told us that because premiums in the secondary market are being reduced substantially they are raising their rates within the next 30 days.

So how is this going to help us? The lenders have to become comfortable so that they can lend again. THIS IS THE KEY

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