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Monday, November 24, 2008

Daily Observations - We Need to Share

Tonight's blog is a bit different than usual. Every night I share a new idea or thought about what is happening in Commercial Finance or Business financing. But tonight I don't have anything new to share. BUT I do have a very important point I want to make.

WE MUST SHARE, I have posted 137 new items. But here's the rub nobody is passing the information onto the ultimate person that needs the information. Also the initiator of the new programs is not getting the word out either. For example the SBA has not shared with the average person that the SBA 7A, the mainstay of SBA Loans has changed drastically.

I can hear you saying to yourself, why should they share the info to the public at large, your statement is not really meaningful because there would be no need for the public to know, unless of course they are borrowing money. And yes, I would agree with that premise, so lets narrow the scope of people that need to know. How about the real estate industry as a whole. Do you think it would be beneficial for them to know?

I would. So I spent the last five days calling commercial Realtors asking them if they knew about all the relevant changes to financing and real estate transactions that the SBA is enacting. Guess what they did not know either.

So I narrowed the scope even further and started to call business brokers and asked them the same question, and guess what they had no idea either.

So what I would like to recommend is that if you read something that no one else has shared with you, please tell your friends etc. Only by getting the word out to our potential clients, or centers of influence can we be of service to people in general. And TODAY we all need to help each other.

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