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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily Observation - Executive Summary

“This is where you will take all the major points that you have now synthesized and put it in a couple of paragraphs to share your venture with your friends, family, investors, and staff. Many people will only read the executive summary and skim the rest of the report to get to the salient points of the plan.

Remember this plan is for you; it is one that evolves as your business evolves and grows. Don’t just write this report and never come back to it. It is crucial that you are constantly reviewing your executive summary, along with the entirety of the business plan.”

The above section is from our business template tool. The problem is that most people do not follow this procedure at all. Just today we received a business plan that we were anxiously awaiting and all we got was fluff, 25 pages of sheer fluff.

After reading the business plan we should not have to ask very basic questions, they should all be answered within the plan. The plan should be leaving the reader with wanting more and more information to be able to make an intelligent decision based on the relevant data in the plan. The plan should not leave you wanting to know the basics but the more advanced data, especially the relevant projections and cash flows.

So as the economy heats up and you are looking to define your business and yourself follow these guidelines for optimum results. Contact us at
MTeam@loanforbiz.com for your free plan.

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