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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daily Observations - SBA; SOP Changes

For the next series of Daily Observations I will be highlighting the new SBA changes that are supposed to be effective August 1, with the new Standard Operating Procedure Manual (SOP)

The content of this article comes directly from the talk that I just did to the California Association of Business Brokers. The talk was organized around the concept of Now More than Ever.

Now More Than Ever we need to keep everything very simple as mentioned in our last talk, but we need to be more knowledgeable than ever before. The knowledge of what lenders are still in the games, the knowledge of what lenders like what niches, the knowledge of how a lender interprets a business plan and a cash flow model.

Because of the significance and the importance of the business plan we have created a 25 page business plan template that we are consistently using with our clients. The clients hat have used this plan are in much better control when the underwriters call to question them about their new business.

Email us at Mteam@loanforbiz.com with your contact information and we will be delighted to send one out to you immediately.

Tomorrow night we start off with the letter "E" for experience.

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