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Monday, December 15, 2008

Daily Observations - Financing Franchises

Tonight I want to address the area of franchise financing. There are certain lenders that all they do are franchise financing, and we work very closely with them. But here's the rub; according to business brokers we work with as well as Franchisors, franchises are just not selling in this economy.

The reason they may not be moving is two fold; one the financing aspect is getting more difficult. Second the borrowers do not have the money to qualify to purchase the franchises as a lot of them have been purchased with cash or money from other investments. To quote one friend of mine he has not sold a franchise in over six months because of the two above reasons.

So why would I spend a blog post on the financing of them. The reason is that they are still do-able under the right circumstances. Below are those circumstances.

Franchise Financing

• Loans selectively available from $250,000 to $5,000,000 throughout the U.S.
• Acquisition of existing franchise businesses are available with additional collateral requirements, unless the franchise is heavily equipment based.
• Start-up requests must be fully secured or show substantial outside income sufficient to cover debt service

• Up to $300,000 with minimum real estate collateral (must have 10 yr. remaining lease plus option)
• Up to $4,000,000 with real estate
• Start-ups must be fully secured by real estate

• Financing may be available for start-up, expansion, refinancing &/or acquisition

Borrower Profile

• Direct (and recent) management experience within the industry is required as follows: A minimum of 5 years GM or ownership experience required for restaurants A minimum of 3 years management or ownership required for all other industries Experience must be recent

• Guaranty required of: operating company (if real estate holding company is used), relevant affiliates, all individuals with 20% or more ownership and other individuals with less than 20% ownership considered key~ with respect to management experience or financial strength

• Borrowers/owners must have clean/acceptable personal credit histories

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