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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daily Observation - Banks Love Us

A quick blog this evening to let you know that you are the banks best friend.

The reason is that you can solve their problems, Most bankers immediately say to their bank clients that they can finance their deal, they do not want to tell them otherwise or else they will pull their accounts. So the client then waits for the Loan Approval that the banker told would most likely occur, but instead the people in the ivory towers, ie Underwriters/Loan Committee don't have the relationship with the client and look at the merits of the deal not the relationship that may have been built over the past ten years.

Low and behold the Ivory Tower individuals turn down the loan...

What's the banker to do, tell his client that the deal was turned down or tell the client that he will personally find a way to help him. (Hint) Here's where we come in.

We save the client banking relationship for the banker and we now use our resources to not only go to one institution but to go to a myriad of them to get the deal closed.

Read this message over again, and you will see the logic and the nuances.
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1 comment:

Billy Wigley said...

This is true; and the bankers are our friends as well due to their knowledge of the local market.
Today I met a client that wanted to purchase a restaurant downtown. Listening to my client I realized he had not done good market research. I contacted a bank manager friend in the area and not only did he give me details on the local market for restaurants, he also told me he had financed the previous 5 restaurants in that location over the last 6 years! After informing my client he made a change of plans and was extremely thankful for my due diligince.