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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daily Observations - The Clients Bank

To successfully close transactions you must start to look for lenders that are cash flow oriented and not collateral oriented.

More and More of the lenders as I have reported for the last couple of weeks are looking only towards collateral, and they are passing on good deals. Deals that are amply cash flowing. Lenders are running scared, and do not want to be at risk at all, but the problem as I have mentioned before is that they wont' lend at all.

The only deals that are getting done are with lenders that have previous experience with a client. So if you run into a deal first find out who they are banking with, and try to work with that institution FIRST. The client will still work and pay for your servieces if you get the loan closed. They have the relationship with the bank, but its you that packages the deal, presents the deal ad moves the deal forward,

So today think about the deals that have stalled and approach their existing lender with a new twist.

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