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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daily Observation - M-Team Website

M-Team moves ahead!

Adele and I spent the entire day yesterday planning a new M-Team Website for you.

Over the next several months, we will be offering MP3's Books that I've written, training manuals etc.

We expect to unveil the new website within a month. The working name is LearnBusinessLoans.com, what's your thoughts...

My first book which will be sold for $47.00 special price for M-Team members regularly $77.00 is called GET Your Loan Closed which I expect to have finished within the next two months. You will be receiving FREE white reports every three days after I have them completed.

I expect to have the White Reports on 10 Secrets your underwriter does not want you to know done within the next thirty days. 4/10 are written.

Get names of people that you believe would be interested in receiving the FREE White reports
I will be offering a commission back to you from anyone outside of the M-Team who purchases my first book.

So to save thirty dollars get them to join the M-Team!

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