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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today's Observation - Business Financing

I trust you have all read the post by Dr. Larry Lerner. Lary and I have been working together to help finance business acquisition throughout San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles. I cannot stress enough for our M-Team members and other readers of our blog to strike up a relationship with one or two Business Brokers that you can really trust.

You will learn so much from them as I have from Larry.

A Business Broker or Business Intermediary as Dr. Lerner likes to refer to himself are invaluable in any and all business transactions. The liability for a client to go it alone is opening up a can of worms that should not be opened at all. By work ling closely you and the business broker can make the deal a reality. With you wearing the green hat "money" and the business broker wearing the "white hat", deals will close.

For more about the services Empire and Dr, Lerner provide visit his website at www.empiresandiego.com. For more about how SBA Loans the right choice when financing business acquisition visit Loanforbiz.com.

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